Expert Comment: Black Friday

Posted by ap507 at Nov 28, 2014 11:40 AM |
University of Leicester experts give their thoughts on the 'Black Friday' craze and ponder over whether or not Britain has become 'Americanised'

Professor Martin Parker, Professor of Organisation and Culture in the University of Leicester's School of Management, said:

Black Friday is just another way of getting consumers to spend, spend, spend so that big retailers can profit, profit, profit. It's an ugly reflection of consumer society that gets people fighting like rats in a bag for more stuff that they don't even need.


Dr Claire Jenkins, Lecturer in Film and Television Studies in the Department of the History of Art and Film, said:

Although British culture is often described as ‘Americanised’ the term itself is rather vague and not always that useful. American popular culture has influenced Britain, but British popular culture also influences America – particularly in contemporary media culture where we see a somewhat reciprocal relationship. It seems to me that Black Friday is less about sharing of cultural values or styles, and instead concerned with exploiting consumers through a tried and tested practice.

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