University of Leicester partnership receives £41,000 in police grant

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Leicester to create a regional hub for evidence-based policing

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 13 January 2014

University of Leicester has been awarded £41,000 by the College of Policing to forge links between academics and the service to help build an evidence base for tackling crime.

The University was awarded the grant to create a regional hub for evidence-based policing so that police methods and techniques for tackling crime can be tested, helping the service to become more efficient.

Funding from the College of Policing, the first professional body for the service in England and Wales, will see officers receive expert training to carry out research in their own area of expertise, which can be shared with their colleagues across the country.

In addition, postgraduate students from Leicester will also work with officers to carry out research on tackling crime.

The work carried out at the University will also act as a launch pad for future collaboration between police and academics to develop best practice for tackling crime.

A mixture of 75 academic institutions and police forces submitted bids to the College for sums of up to £50,000.

University of Leicester is one of seven universities, two police forces and a crime prevention charity which were all given grants totalling £496,000 to create local networks between police and academic partners.

Dr Lisa Smith, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University, said: “This funding enables us to establish sustainable research collaborations with police forces and PCCs in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Thames Valley.  The partnership will provide research skills training for police personnel and also gives postgraduate students the opportunity to carry out criminological research that can impact policing policy and practice in the UK.”

The project is being led by Dr Lisa Smith, of the Department of Criminology, and Dr John Bond OBE, of the Department of Chemistry, who both have extensive experience conducting research in a policing environment.  Over the next 12 months the University will host training sessions and workshops for police officers, as well as the coordination and supervision of postgraduate criminology student research projects.

The work carried out by the local partnerships will feed into the National What Works Centre for Crime Reduction providing robust and comprehensive evidence for police to tackle crime.

College of Policing head of research, Rachel Tuffin, said: “As the home of the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction, the College of Policing wants to build links between police and academia so the way we go about policing is as efficient and effective as possible.

“This funding will be a springboard for future research and learning so police officers and staff get the best evidence to help them cut crime and keep the public safe.”

Click here to view the Leicestershire Police press release on this news.


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For more information contact College of Policing press office on 020 3113 7240 or 020 3113 7938 or

What Works Centre for Crime Reduction: The government has selected the College of Policing to host the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction

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The grants have come from the College of Policing’s Innovation Capacity Building Fund and is for the current financial/calendar year.

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