Blog Entry King Richard III: DNA and genealogical study confirms identity of remains found in Leicester and uncovers new truths about his appearance and Plantagenet lineage
Richard III – case closed after 529 years
Blog Entry Mental health inequalities in detection of breast cancer
Women with a mental illness are less likely to be screened for breast cancer, according to University of Leicester psychiatrist
Blog Entry First early career awards announced under Care for the Future theme
Dr Deborah Toner from the University of Leicester wins prestigious early career researcher award
Blog Entry New cancer treatment study wins international accolade
Dr Simon Wagner at the University of Leicester Wins GSK’s Discovery Fast Track Challenge to Investigate Potential New Cancer Treatments
Blog Entry River transformed into a living ecosystem in large-scale environmental project
University of Leicester and Welland Trust help restore natural beauty of River Welland in the East Midlands of England
Blog Entry King Richard III: DNA and Genealogical Study: False Paternity
Statement by Professor Kevin Schürer and Dr Turi King
Blog Entry Revealed: how bacteria drill into our cells and kill them
University of Leicester researchers involved in study of bacterial ‘nanodrills’
Blog Entry We should be paying more Tax, Not Less!
On the day of 2014’s Autumn Statement, Richard Courtney, Lecturer in Employment Studies at the University of Leicester School of Management opposes the ideology of minimum taxation.
Blog Entry Student inspired by Richard III creates classical composition in honour of his reign
Debut performances of classical piece dedicated to King Richard III at University of Leicester on 6 & 7 December
Blog Entry Public Ballot for Invitations to King Richard lll Services
Leicester Cathedral will be making 200 seats available for members of the general public at each of the three services connected with the reinterment of King Richard lll next March
Blog Entry Expert Comment: Breastfeeding in public
University of Leicester experts give their thoughts on recent comments made by UKIP leader Nigel Farage regarding breastfeeding in public
Blog Entry University of Leicester’s Embrace Arts centre awarded £75,000 by BBC Children in Need
Funding will support new Inclusive Youth Arts Project
Blog Entry Study offers future hope for tackling signs of ageing
Team identifies ‘markers’ to spot old cells in the body – offering hope in the fight against cancer and ageing
Blog Entry Leicestershire & Rutland Remember the First World War
Over 2 hours of audio made available by East Midlands Oral History Archive
Blog Entry Bond film name is steeped in history
Professor James Chapman says Spectre has a special resonance for Bond buffs
Blog Entry Leicester students providing healthcare support for the homeless
Volunteer programme building on North American model to offer medical care for those most in need in the city
Blog Entry Ancient balloon-shaped animal fossil sheds light on Earth’s ancient seas
‘Nidelric pugio’ named in honour of University of Leicester scientist who passed away earlier this year
Blog Entry Tackling the big killers
Researchers present advances in fight against TB and sudden cardiac death at free public lectures on 10 December
Blog Entry Budding student entrepreneurs win national business plan competition
Top prize for ‘uncaffeinated coffee’ pitch devised by University of Leicester team
Blog Entry Funding boost for post-graduate training across the UK to minimise and improve animal research
Research into Stroke using rodents benefits from funding
Blog Entry A new study to show why young people with diabetes develop heart damage
Researchers to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to reveal why young people with Type-2 diabetes develop heart damage
Blog Entry New study into life-threatening pregnancy condition calls for specialist centres with dedicated services
Confidential enquiry into care for babies with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) recommends improvements in NHS care
Blog Entry Leicester Professor plays lead role in new heart failure drug test
Professor Iain Squire is UK lead in testing treatment for patients with heart failure
Blog Entry Link between low blood glucose and cardiovascular events revealed
International team led by University of Leicester publish new findings
Blog Entry Research into aggression reveals new insights
University of Leicester biologist analyses fish to understand human aggression
Blog Entry Mars mission boost welcomed by scientists
University of Leicester has a strong involvement with 2018 ExoMars mission through the development of a key payload
Blog Entry Forget the jokes – Christmas crackers were once sugary sweet dispensers
Professor Julie Coleman from the University of Leicester examines how baubles, mince pies and more have been viewed and enjoyed throughout the centuries
Blog Entry Community unites in support of heart research
Christmas Carol Concert to raise funds for the University of Leicester British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre on 16 December
Blog Entry ‘Let my people go!’ - How the real story of Exodus incited social revolution
Professor John Coffey from the University of Leicester discusses the changing significance of the story of Moses to different societies throughout history
Blog Entry Thousands more people get urgent lung cancer tests thanks to cough campaign
University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester expert authors new study
Blog Entry Leicester’s ‘Blue Tower’ revamped for international students
University involved in project
Blog Entry Bugs life: the nerve cells that make locusts ‘gang up’
Biologists from Universities of Leicester and Sydney reveal behavioural changes in locusts through serotonin-producing cells
Blog Entry NASA’s mars curiosity sniffs methane on red planet
University of Leicester involved in data analysis
Blog Entry Space scientists at the University of Leicester celebrate 15 years in space for ESA’s XMM-Newton satellite
‘XMM-Newton has been an outstanding success, exceeding all expectations’ - Dr Steve Sembay, University of Leicester
Blog Entry CancerStories launches the world's first ehealth app to support cancer patients and families
New innovation led by University of Leicester academic shows how people cope with cancer
Blog Entry Mortality from ischemic heart disease falls in the United Kingdom, more lives are lost to Alzheimer's disease
University of Leicester involved in study: In the United Kingdom, average life expectancy for men increased to 79.1 years. Women's average life expectancy increased to 82.8 years in 2013
Blog Entry Is the angel sitting on top of your Christmas tree silently judging you?
University of Leicester academic discusses how angels have long been used to reinforce elitism in human society
Blog Entry University of Leicester students take on ‘Rainmaker Challenge’ to turn a profit on £10 in just three weeks
Money raised will support social impact projects in Leicester and around the world
Blog Entry New approach to help people get more active in managing their health - how could it work in the NHS?
University team involved in project
Blog Entry Origin of high-latitude auroras revealed
University of Leicester research helps solve space mystery
Blog Entry ‘Get a lovely bust for Christmas’
University of Leicester researcher compares popular culture from the 1930s with today
Blog Entry The Christmas rush: shopping ‘mega-jams’ have brought cities to a halt for decades
University of Leicester academic discusses how the desperate scramble for presents has changed very little since the 1950s
Blog Entry Shaken not stirred: Bond’s expensive drinking habits revealed
University of Leicester Bond expert explains the significance of Bond’s return to vodka martinis in new movie Spectre
Blog Entry Engineers deliver instrument to study ‘greenhouse gases’ from a NASA unmanned aircraft
University of Leicester is science lead on project
Blog Entry Increase in CO2 has not stimulated growth of tropical trees
Study involving University of Leicester featured as cover story in Nature Geoscience
Blog Entry University of Leicester Deploys Free WiFi to Serve Entire Campus
Top 20 university introduces The Cloud WiFi for all visitors including prospective students and guests to public lectures

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