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University of Leicester to launch new Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures at inaugural conference at College Court on Tuesday 29 April

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 28 April 2014

Academics from the University of Leicester are to launch a new Centre to better understand the future of work and employment in the UK – and to develop solutions for how the job marketplace could be improved nationwide.

The inaugural conference for The Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures, attendance for which is by invitation only, will take place at College Court, Leicester on Tuesday 29 April and aims to shape and improve policy analysis by bringing together a network of researchers to advance knowledge and understanding of work and employment futures.

Professor Peter Nolan from the University of Leicester’s College of Social Sciences and Director of this initiative said: “There is a compelling warrant for a fresh look at the changing world of work. Established analytical and policy frameworks have been challenged by the scale and scope of the economic crisis, by demographic shifts, and by new business models and patterns of employment.

“The expansion of managerial and professional occupations has been accompanied by a proliferation of low paid work but limited growth in the middle-ranking jobs that had been a salient feature of capitalism in the twentieth century. The evidence points to far reaching changes in the international division of labour, in work organisations, and in employment relations, but as yet we have limited understanding of the longer-term significance of these developments. We hope that the Centre will help in understanding these profound changes in employment.”

The keynote speakers from the University of Leicester will include:

  • Professor Eileen Appelbaum, discussing ‘Work Futures in the United States’
  • Professor Ian Clark, examining ‘Financialisation and the Future of Employment Relations’
  • Professor Peter Nolan, outlining ‘A Research Agenda for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures’
  • Professor Stephen Wood, discussing ‘Employment Relations in the Shadow of Recession’
  • Professor Melanie Simms, discussing ‘Explaining Employer Engagement with Youth Employment Initiatives’

Professor Steven King, Head of the College of Social Science at the University of Leicester, said: “The Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures is a marvellous example of the policy and practice facing initiatives that will drive the future research agenda for the College of Social Sciences. We are very pleased indeed to host and support the Centre and look forward to a vibrant future programme of research and grant collaborations.”

The event is by invitation only and will take place at College Court, Leicester on Tuesday 29 April.


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