International experts in phase field modelling to present research at Leicester

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The University of Leicester is hosting a workshop on the mathematical concept of phase field modelling from September 9 to 11

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 6 September 2013

World-leading research into mathematical models which helps solve physical and engineering problems will be presented at the University of Leicester.

Experts from the University’s Department of Mathematics and Department of Engineering have organised a workshop at Leicester which will bring together international experts working in the area of phase field modelling.

The event, titled Phase Field: Models, Applications, Software, will be held at the University of Leicester from September 9 to 11.

A phase field model is a mathematical approach for modelling physical problems involving interfaces between two different materials - typically between solids and liquids, such as oil-water, water-ice and melted metal alloys.

It has mainly been applied to model solidification, but it has also been applied to other situations such as oil reservoir engineering, examining fractures in materials and structures within cells.

The event aims to bring together applied mathematicians who develop numerical methods for phase field modelling, practitioners who will be using the methods and software developers who will include these methods in their software.

It was organised by Professor Ruslan Davidchack and Dr Emmanuil Georgoulis of the University’s Department Mathematics, and Professor Hongbiao Dong, of the Department of Engineering.

Dr Emmanuil Georgoulis, of the University’s Department of Mathematics, said: “The workshop aims to bring together mathematicians, physicists, engineers and computational scientists in the area of phase field modelling. Some of the world's most eminent scientists in this research area will be presenting their work in this meeting.

“The scope of the symposium is to bring together scientists working in different fields, using phase-field approaches.

“To this end, we have invited scientists working on the development of novel phase-field models, as well as users of such models in engineering and physical applications, along with developers of powerful modern scientific software that is able to simulate phase-field processes on computers."

The event will feature speakers from universities around the world, including Professor Alain Karma, of Northeastern University, USA, Professor László Gránásy, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary, and Professor Liu Baicheng, of Tsinghua University, China.

Funding from Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software, the Mintweld Project and the University of Leicester are gratefully acknowledged.


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