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Students’ Union hosts Working as Partners Conference on Wednesday 27 November 2013

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 26 November 2013

A national conference hosted at the University of Leicester Students’ Union on Wednesday 27 November 2013 will aim to close the gap between academic staff and university students.

For the Working as Partners Conference, organised by the Education Unit (ED) in partnership with the Genetics Education Networking for Innovation and Excellence (GENIE) Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, students and staff are talking together in order to work together, discussing how partnership and collaboration can work in universities today.

The aim is to examine how collaboration between academic staff and students can be pushed beyond committee meetings and towards a true atmosphere of collaboration within universities.

Professor Annette Cashmore, Director of GENIE said: “In short, we’re hoping to give students and staff ideas—we want delegates to bring examples of collaboration, to share. We hope that the conference will establish a network allowing staff and students across the country to share and discuss their ideas for collaborative projects.

“Surveying across the University to date we have found 30 collaborative projects already going on, which is just astonishing.”

The conference will be a forum allowing attendees to discuss and share ideas about how collaboration can work best in universities today, and highlight examples of collaboration from their own institutions.

These will be shared with delegates so that they can follow the progress of these new collaborations, using them as a basis for working projects within their own institutions.

Professor Cashmore commented: “This conference will see us continuing the work we’ve already been doing: following the conference we will be bringing out publications detailing the work and keeping in touch with those who led the projects.

“Eventually, we, as staff, can work with students to change policies—as we did in 2010-11, when staff and students rewrote the Code of Practice for the Personal Tutor System. This year we’ve been surveying the impact of this, and hope to see more of the same type of projects.”

Dan Flatt, President of the University of Leicester Students’ Union, said: “I am really excited for the Working as Partners Conference. It will be a great opportunity to show off the excellent work which has been taking place in Leicester to students, staff and SU officers from all over the country. I do not see the conference as an end point, I see it as a springboard for a future where students are getting more and more involved with the development of Higher Education.”

Over 150 delegates are expected from all over the UK.

The conference will feature a keynote talk from Professor Mick Healey, Higher Education Consultant, Emeritus Professor, University of Gloucester.

There will also be talks by Rachel Wenstone, Vice-President of the National Union of Students (NUS), and Professor Philippa Leavey, Deputy Chief Executive (Academic Practise) of the High Education Academy (HEA).

This event, is open to all—but in order for organisers to get a good idea of numbers please register your interest before attending, at:

The conference will take place from 9.30am—4.00pm on Wednesday 27 November 2013 at the University of Leicester’s Students’ Union.


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For more information contact: Sue Handley, GENIE Administrator

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