Experts to discuss new innovations for improving Leicester air quality

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University of Leicester experts will speak at the Leicester ON-AIR workshop on Friday, June 7 as part of the EU's Green Week

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 7 June 2013

Experts will discuss some of the groundbreaking ways of improving air quality in Leicester being developed at the University of Leicester on Friday, June 7.

Experts from the University’s Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics and Environment Team will speak at the Leicester On-Air workshop, due to be held on June 7 as part of the European Union’s Green Week.

The public event will be held at Leicester City Council’s council chamber, and will also feature leading figures from the council and Astrium.

The public will be able to hear about the latest air quality science developments, updates on policy requirements and Leicester’s situation in relation to air pollution.

These initiatives are very important – as poor air quality has a direct impact on our health and well-being as well as our natural environment.

The event will bring together figures from academia, local authorities and industry – and will be an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

University experts will talk about innovative projects such as Leicester’s involvement in the Traffic, Health and the Environment to achieve Intelligent Solutions for Sustaining Urban Economies (THE ISSUE) project.

This project aims to integrate, co-ordinate and exploit existing Research and Technology Development (RTD) programmes across five regions in Europe.

The event will also feature work by the Air Quality Group including CityScan – a new device developed at the University which acts as a pollution radar - using scattered sunlight to measure nitrogen dioxide levels over whole cities.

University speakers include:

  • Professor Paul Monks, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Director of University’s G-STEP unit and member of Earth Observation Science research group
  • Professor Roland Leigh, of the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Air Quality Group, based within the Space Research Centre
  • Dr Teresa Raventos, University of Leicester air quality specialist and event co-organiser
  • Dr Sandra Lee, of the University’s Environment Team

There will also be a presentation from Dr Jolanta Obszynska of Leicester City Council as well as representatives from a range of key industry bodies.

These include Astrium, Ricardo-AEA, Baumot UK Limited, CENEX and Medilink East Midlands.

An exhibition area will also be available for enquires and networking on the day.

Professor Paul Monks said “This event brings together experts from regional government, universities and industry to talk about current innovative solutions under development which address air quality.”

Dr Teresa Raventos said: “This event is all about air quality in our local environment and beyond. It will bring together the knowledge of solutions and strategies for improving the quality of the air we breathe, ensuring long-term health benefits and making our towns and cities much more pleasant places to live and work in”.

The event is supported by the European Commission and Leicester City Council.

It will be held at Leicester City Council’s Council Chamber on June 7 from 9.15am to 4pm.

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