The Search for King Richard III - University of Leicester Media Conference Logistics Note

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Details of press conference on Monday 4 February at University of Leicester

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 23 January 2013


The University of Leicester will reveal the results of a series of scientific investigations into human remains – which are possibly those of King Richard III – at a media briefing on Monday 4 February at 10am.

The University of Leicester is leading the search for King Richard III, in association with Leicester City Council and the Richard III Society.  At a press conference in September, the University announced that it had found human remains with evidence of what was believed to be scoliosis and battle trauma. The University said that these remains, found at the Church of the Grey Friars, would need to be subject to rigorous scientific analysis in order to confirm their identity.

You can access the September Press Conference and other media materials here:

Since that discovery, University experts have subjected the remains to a series of tests to determine the identity. You can read an overview of the scientific tests here:

The University is now analysing results of the series of tests and will announce the conclusions of its investigations at this press conference.

Richard Taylor, of the University of Leicester, said: “There is a huge anticipation and excitement about the University’s announcement. The University of Leicester is poised to unlock a 500-year-old mystery by announcing the outcome of our search for King Richard III.

“The Search has caught the world’s imagination and has featured in media across the globe and has been the focus of intense speculation. Over the past five months, since we announced the discovery, our experts from a range of departments have subjected the human remains found at Grey Friars to rigorous examination.

"Key tests are due in over the next few weeks"

“Whatever the outcome of our analysis, this project has been tremendously exciting and one that has been very much in the public eye, helping to demonstrate the importance of University research to the wider world.”



The following is information for media attending the conference and is not for publication


The press conference will be held in the Council Chamber of the Fielding Johnson Building and start at 10am and end at approximately 11am.  Access will be available from 6.30am through the main front door.

It will consist of a series of presentations by experts from the University of Leicester who have been conducting scientific tests on the Grey Friars skeleton.

At the end of the presentations from the experts, the University of Leicester will announce its conclusion based on the archaeological and scientific evidence.

This will be followed by reactions from the University’s partners in the project:

The Richard III Society

Leicester City Council

Followed by Q & As from the media and then there will be scope for individual interviews.


Media are required to be in situ by 9.30am at the latest.  Doors for media attendance will close at 9.45am.

The venue will be open from 6.30am especially for Breakfast media presentations

To gain admission into the media conference, all media must register in advance with the following information:

· Name of media

· How many representatives from that media

· Number of vehicles –please indicate if any of these is a satellite van

· Estimated time of arrival

· Please indicate if you have any mobility issues so that we can arrange an alternative access route as there is no lift in the immediate vicinity.

· Please indicate if you are bringing a TV camera so we can allocate a space for you

· Please email this information before Friday 1 February to Louise Carr: who is in charge of media registrations


An online media pack will be hosted at:

This site will contain press releases and key contact information

Access to images will be provided via the link after the press conference from 1pm on Monday 4 February


There is parking for satellite trucks at University of Leicester Entrance 1, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH behind the security lodge.  Other media (non satellite trucks) can also park via Entrance 1 at the Sports Centre car park opposite that allocated for the satellite trucks.

For journalists arriving by train, the University of Leicester is approximately 20 minutes walk from the train station\maps

For satellite trucks, the distance for cables to be run from the trucks to the Chamber where the press conference is being held is approx. 75 metres

The venue has been tested with radio cams for television satellite purposes and has been found to be suitable for the use of radio cams

The venue has also been tested for radio transmissions via satellite and is suitable

Balanced line level audio feeds will be available.  The speakers’ stage will have microphones supplied by our multimedia team  and will be professionally lit by our own team.  No media microphones are permitted on the top table- please take your audio feeds from the distribution amplifier provided by our multimedia services. For queries about this contact: Debbie Spendlove :

Speakers’ presentations will be visible on 60-inch LED monitors in the Chamber

A selection of images will be made available to media on flash drives after the press conference ends.

Images are not available before the press conference

There is no live audio or video broadcast of the press conference by the University. However, a number of media attending the conference may have live transmissions of the conference. A recording of the conference will be posted on our website after the event.

A Twitter feed from the press conference will be made available: @uniofleicester


Arrangements will be made for breakfast for early morning crews arriving 6.30am onwards until 8am. Please let us know numbers in your crew who wish to take up this offer by e-mailing Hannah Tucker on, who will arrange for vouchers for that morning.

The University’s catering facilities will be open throughout the day and there will also be refreshments available at the press conference.


Ather Mirza: 0116 252 3335; 07711 927821

Peter Thorley: 0116 252 2415


Please note that this is a media conference.  There will not be room for non-media attendees.  The conference is not open to members of the public.  A series of public lectures will follow in due course describing the University’s work.


There is now a media blackout until the date of the conference on interviews about the project.  The scientists are conducting their analysis and will report their findings on February 4.

  • The Dig for Richard III was led by the University of Leicester, working with Leicester City Council and in association with the Richard III Society.  The originator of the Search project was Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society

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