Bangladeshi community celebrates 10th anniversary success of learning centre

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Vice-Chancellor of University of Leicester to see success of service he launched a decade ago

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Professor Sir Robert Burgess, will join members of the Bangladeshi community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a community learning project that he launched a decade ago.

Professor Sir Robert launched the Bangladesh Youth & Cultural Shomiti UK online centre in February 2002.  The state-of-the-art computer suite has been widely used, for free internet access by the community and for a range of externally accredited qualifications.

Dr Shofiqul Chowdhury, Programme Development Manager for the Bangladesh Youth & Cultural Shomiti, said: “To meet the increased demand of the community, BYCS built another UK online computer suite in 2005.

“Over the last 10 years BYCS UK online received about 30,000 visits from members of the local community who had free access to internet. About 700 people received externally accredited ICT Qualification from Entry Level to Level 2.

“We are delighted to welcome Sir Robert back amongst us and the Lord Mayor Councillor Robert Wann.  We will also hold our 25th Certificate Award Event as part of the celebration. The learners who have achieved a range of externally accredited qualifications offered by BYCS will receive their certificates in the award ceremony.”

Professor Sir Robert said: “I am looking forward to returning to the Bangladesh Youth & Cultural Shomiti for this celebratory event.  The University of Leicester is committed to promoting learning opportunities for everyone and widening participation in higher education.  Lifelong learning is key to social enhancement and we are delighted to be a part of the success of the BYCS UK online centre.”

Professor Sir Robert will attend the 10th anniversary celebration at 1pm on Monday 20 February.



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