Businesses and organisations from Leicestershire partner international service delivery project

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University of Leicester hosts project that aims to enhance international standards of service delivery

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 26 April 2012

Businesses and services from Leicester and Oadby are helping international students to improve service delivery.

The project at the University of Leicester will see international students and staff interact with local traders and professionals.

On Friday, 27 April, five international student teams will present their project work in Service Innovation to their "customers" - the real-life project partners from the city and county.

The students are working on a project known as "IC-SID 2012" which stands for: Intercultural Approaches to Service Innovation and Design Methods. This is an EU-funded two week intensive programme at the University of Leicester initiated by Kristina Henriksson from Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Espoo, Finland. It brings together 22 students from universities in Poland, Germany, Estonia and Finland as well as an international and interdisciplinary teaching team from the participating institutions and several international guest lecturers.

The course is designed to promote the skills of the participants in Service Innovation & Design (SID) methods with an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach.

Project partners include Leicester Arts & Museum Services, The Reading Shop, Oadby; The Orchard (furniture); the Charity shop, Oadby and The Well Café (Oadby Bapist Church).

Bernd Waldeck, one of the organizers, said: “Service Innovation and Design is a way to improve services, a possibility to offer customers a higher level of satisfaction. When customers are more content with what they get, they are disposed to pay more for the service, and are prepared to make more use of the service. This leads to higher revenues and profits.

Service Innovation and Design is …

… a tool to analyze existing services with respect to customer satisfaction,

… the way to scrutinize services with regard to their weaknesses,

… the approach to improve given services or to develop completely new services.

The Intensive Course IC-SID offers participating students to become acquainted with the analytic possibilities and development of Service Innovation and Design. They will not only be introduced to the theory of SID but the intensive course will provide the opportunity to putting theory into practice based on a given case study. IC-SID collaborates with service companies that want to have their offers scrutinized and offer the opportunity to suggest improvements of their services and are willing to put these suggestions into reality.

A very important aspect of IC-SID is its multicultural nature. This comes along in two ways:  Participants of IC-SID come from various countries of the Baltic Sea Region (Estonia, Finland, Germany and Poland). Although these countries share a close neighborhood the area is home to very diverse cultures which make our coexistence so interesting. The opportunity to make friends with people from other countries and nations is invaluable for one’s own personal development and future as well as the merging of Europe.

Application of SID takes place in a different cultural area, in our case, England. England is not only culturally different from the Baltic Sea Region but is home of different cultures of the former British Empire, like India, Pakistan, various African and Caribbean cultures.”

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NOTE TO NEWDESK:  The presentation will start from 2.30 pm on Friday April 27, each team will talk for about 20 minutes and customers will be present.

Location: High Grove (University of Leicester accommodation) Stoughton Drive South, Oadby

Contact: Tel. 07581267596 (please ask for Kristina or Britta)

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