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You are invited to a photo and interview opportunity with the curator and international sculptors exhibiting at the tenth University of Leicester’s highly popular annual ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ exhibition.

Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 22 June 2011

Saturday 25 June 2011, 1pm, University of Leicester Botanic Garden, Glebe Road, Oadby, Leicester.

‘A Decade of Sculpture in the Garden’ will be formally opened by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Professor Sir Robert Burgess, on Saturday 25 June at 1pm.

Speeches from the Vice-Chancellor and the Curator, John Sydney Carter will take place at 1.30pm.

Sculptors available for interview are expected to include:

Lorna Green, Claudia Borgna, Gudrun Nielsen, Derek Howarth, Laurence Ambrose, Michael Dan Archer, Richard Thorton, Alison Barwick, Rosemary Barnett, Mark Beattie, Nicola Beattie, Peter Carter, Michael Lyons, Peter M Clarke, Angela Conner, Bill Forster, Ken Ford, Charles Hadcock, Jeff Lowe.

For a foretaste of ‘A Decade of Sculpture in the Garden’, see:

The exhibition opens to the public on Sunday 26 June.

A Decade of Sculpture in the Garden

Work by more than sixty sculptors will be on display, from the USA, Germany, Iceland, Italy, France and the UK, with a number of sculptures by members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.  

Among the highlights will be sculptures loaned by the prestigious Pangolin Gallery, including two by the iconic British sculptor Lynn Chadwick, and work by Jon Buck, Steve Hurst, Terence Coventry and Ralph Brown. 

Other attractions include sculpture by Derek Howarth who worked with Henry Moore and introduced Moore to the medium of polystyrene, and John Mills who created the National Monument to the Women of World War II, by the Cenotaph in London, dedicated by Queen Elizabeth in 2005.

In addition the exhibition features sculptures from such highly acclaimed artists as Almuth Tebbenhoff, Jacek Wankowski, Michael Lyons, Laurence Ambrose, Julia Vance and Inger Sannes.  

Two artists have created installations specifically for the Botanic Garden, Claudia Borgna and Gudrun Nielsen.

Work by the curator, John Sydney Carter and the founding curator of the Leicester Sculpture in the Garden exhibitions, Helaine Blumenfeld, will also be on display.

‘A Decade of Sculpture in the Garden’ opens to the public on Sunday 26 June.   Normal Botanic Garden opening times are 10am-4pm Monday-Friday all year (except for the Christmas-New Year period) and on Saturday and Sunday from the third weekend in March to the second weekend in November.   Admission is normally free except for special Open Days.    The entrance to the Garden is in Glebe Road, Oadby, Leicester.

A full list of sculptors follows:

Laurence Ambrose, Mary Anstee-Parry, Michael Dan Archer, Rosemary Barnett, Richard Baronio, Alison Barwick, Mark Beattie, Nicola Beattie, Helaine Blumenfeld, Claudia Borgna, Ralph Brown, Jon Buck, Ian Campbell-Briggs, John Sydney Carter, Peter Carter, Lynn Chadwick, Frédéric Chevarin, Peter M Clarke, Angela Conner, Terence Coventry, Stephanie Davies-Arai, Jon Edgar, Richard Fenton, Robert Fogell, Ken Ford, Bill Forster, Susan Forsyth, Angela Godfrey, Lorna Green, Charles Hadcock, William Harling, Stephen Hitchin, Derek Howarth, Steve Hurst, Polly Ionides, Rick Kirby, Robert Koenig, Margaret Lovell, Jeff Lowe, Michael Lyons, Diane MacLean, Ian Marlow, Barry Mason, John W Mills, Nick Moran, Gudrun Nielsen, Denis O’Connor, Austin J Orwin, Rita Phillips, Louise Plant, Tony Roberts, Peter Sainty, Inger Sannes, Brele Scholz, Andrew Smith, James Sutton, Jilly Sutton, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Richard Thornton, Julia Vance, Sheila Vollmer, Peter Walker, Jacek Wankowski, , Olive Wootton.

Notes to Editors: Further details are available from: Stella Couloutbanis, Visual Arts Manager, Embrace Arts, Richard Attenborough centre,

University of Leicester,  email,  tel no  0116 223 1529,

mobile 07854 777 432

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