Business seminar shows employers that ‘it’s not about the money’

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‘Performance through People’ Thursday 6th October 2011, University of Leicester

Issued by University of Leicester on 28 July 2011

Findings from a new study into what makes employees happy and productive will underpin a one day management seminar at the University of Leicester and, surprisingly, it seems that money is not at the top of the list.

The ‘Performance through People’ event will draw on the latest research carried out by the University under the leadership of Professor of Management, Stephen Wood. Happiness: The neglected role of job design reveals that, in fact, performance-related pay, including bonuses given to City workers and other employees, makes absolutely no difference to employee satisfaction or stress.

Detailed findings of the research, which has attracted national media interest, will be made available to business delegates at the seminar in the University’s John Foster Conference Suite on Thursday 6th October 2011.  Delegates will also find out how good job design, employee engagement, proactivity and organisational development can give their companies a competitive advantage when it really matters.

The seminar is organised by The Leading Edge, a dedicated unit at the University which works locally, nationally and internationally to help businesses develop and nurture their staff.

Elain Crewe, the unit’s Director of Professional and Flexible Learning, says: “Our research shows that people who are given greater variety and independence in their jobs feel less stressed and more satisfied.  It also reveals that giving staff greater involvement and encouraging them to share their views and ideas leads to improved job satisfaction and overall performance.”

The seminar will be delivered by HR and leadership experts, Mary Crow and Andrew Larkin, who will help delegates to understand the theories of motivation, how to get the best out of their staff through effective coaching, delegation and feedback, and how to encourage commitment, creativity and innovation.  The day will include tutor-led sessions, group exercises, discussion, individual reflection and networking opportunities.

The University of Leicester has an international reputation for world-changing, business-relevant research.  Elain added: “We are delighted to be in the position to help business leaders benefit by learning from people who are at the cutting-edge of developments in their subject area.  The findings of this study, indeed the whole seminar, will give delegates the practical evidence and knowledge they need to make their staff happier and, therefore, more productive at work.”

The cost per delegate is £210 which includes course handouts and refreshments.  Group discounts are available.  The seminar has been certified for CPD purposes by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service.

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Mary Crow

Mary Crow is a lecturer in HR Practices in the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leicester. She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, working and researching in the area of management education and development. Mary is experienced in working with a wide range of organisations from large corporate to SMEs, in the both the private and public sectors. Her research interests include the impact of marketisation, privatisation and enterprise restructuring processes on managers' employment; the definition of the managerial role embodied in the western-style MBA curriculum and the impact this has on participants in the educational process; eastern ideological and philosophical discourses which influence leadership and managing people. She has conducted a labour market analysis and employee mobility study for Barclays Bank; completed research papers on community engagement and social capital; and carried out lifelong learning research with retail and hospitality sectors.

Andrew Larkin

Principal Consultant, The Leadership Learning Team

Andrew Larkin is a trainer, facilitator, coach, lecturer, assessor and manager - with a focus on leadership and management. With a passion for helping people and organisations to learn, develop and achieve their strategic goals, Andrew has worked closely with senior teams in many large and medium sized organisations in the public, private and third sectors. His learning and development experience includes areas such as Healthcare, Defence, Social Care & Housing and Education. Academically he holds two business degrees (BCom and MBA) and a CPID training qualification.

Andrew is an associate lecturer and guest speaker at the University Of Leicester School Of Management (MBA programmes and BA Management Studies). Academically he holds two business degrees (BCom and MBA) and a CIPD training qualification.

Andrew's specialities include leadership and management development, personal effectiveness, team development and executive coaching.

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