The Secret Life of Students

Documentary series to showcase life as a fresher at the University of Leicester.

The Secret Life of Students is a four-part television documentary series that follows a group of first years at the University of Leicester. Set to broadcast over Summer 2014, the series covers all aspects of contemporary student life. The 12 students represent a diverse range of aspirations, backgrounds and academic interests.

As a leading, top 20 university, Leicester was keen to open its doors to the documentary team in order share the experience of 21st Century student and university life.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the University to not only showcase the high quality living and learning experience we offer to students, but I hope it will also give young people who have little or no awareness of the value of a university education, a positive insight into life as a student. 

Dave Hall, Registrar

Student life has changed radically over the years. Smartphones, social networks and microblogging have transformed the experience. The series makes revolutionary use of technology by tapping into student conversations on phones and social media during their first semester. Find out more about this on the BBC Online.

The series was made by multi-award winning production company Raw TV and was commissioned by Channel 4. The 2013/14 undergraduate intake were contacted and more than 20 per cent applied to take part in the series. From those, 12 students were selected to feature in the series.

We met with a large number of universities who were interested in the project. We ultimately chose Leicester because it had a great campus, a diverse student population, and academically is ranked as one of the top universities in Britain - so we knew we'd be getting intelligent, articulate undergraduates. We wanted to have contributors who felt representative of the wider student population, rather than on one extreme to another.

Dimitri Doganis, Executive Producer Raw TV

The first episode is scheduled on Channel 4 at 10pm, Thursday 3 July.

Meet the students


Age: 18
From: Leamington Spa 
Studying: Business Management and Marketing
Interview: Q&A with Aiden


Age: 19
From: Runcorn 
Studying: Biological Sciences



Age: 18
From: Tottenham
Studying: Psychology
Interview: Q&A with Brenda 


Age: 19
From: Gloucester
Studying: Human Geography



Age: 18
From: Rochdale
Studying: Physics 
Interview: Q&A with Hassan


Age: 19
From: Richmond
Studying: English
Interview: Q&A with Helen


Age: 18
From: Hampshire
Studying: Astrophysics
Interview: Q&A with Jack


Age: 19
From: London
Studying: Geography and Geology
Interview: Q&A with Josie


Age: 18
From: Burton Latimer
Studying: History
Interview: Q&A with Lauren


Age: 18
From: Nottingham
Studying: Psychology



Age: 18
From: Oxford
Studying: American Studies
Interview: Q&A with Mads 


Age: 21
From: Leicester
Studying: Criminology
Interview: Q&A with Tanya

Image credits: Channel 4

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