Space and astronomy news at Leicester

Blog Entry Space technology event for Leicestershire businesses
You don’t have to be building satellites or launching rockets for space to be relevant to your company. Find out more at a free business event at the National Space Centre on 14 April.
Blog Entry Leicester physicists solve disappearing Martian atmosphere mystery
It may not be breathable but Mars has an atmosphere. The trouble is: bits of it keep disappearing off into space. Now Leicester researchers have discovered why.
Blog Entry New appointments round-up
Some fresh new faces have joined the staff of our Department of Physics and Astronomy, School of English and Research Support Office.
Blog Entry Leicester students to conduct (very quick) experiments in zero-G
Astronauts train in them. The movie Apollo 13 was filmed in one. Now a team of students from the University of Leicester have the chance to fly on a parabolic flight and conduct (very quick) experiments in zero-G as part of the European Space Agency’s ‘Fly Your Thesis!’ programme.
Blog Entry University announces new Vice-Chancellor
Chief Executive of the Economic and Social Research Council and President of Science Europe, Professor Paul Boyle, to succeed Professor Sir Bob Burgess in October

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