The Cathedral’s Proposals for Marking Richard III’s Grave - Statement from the University of Leicester

This note sets out the University of Leicester’s position on Leicester Cathedral's proposals for marking Richard III's grave

The University of Leicester holds the licence from the Ministry of Justice for the exhumation of Richard III and is responsible for the location of reinterment.

On 4th February 2013, following confirmation that Richard III had been found, the University, together with Leicester City Council as owner of the land on which the discovery was made, wrote to the Acting Dean of Leicester Cathedral asking the Cathedral to commence planning for reinterment.

The University supports the process put in place by the Cathedral to plan for reinterment, including the architect’s brief developed by the Cathedral for the design of a grave for Richard. We note that the architect’s brief does not commit to any single design and includes proposals made by the Richard III Society as well as a period of consultation on any designs that are forthcoming.

You can read our statement on the location of Richard III's reinterment here.

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