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With the imminent reburial of Richard III’s remains in Leicester Cathedral, it is an apt time to reflect on the legacy of the king’s re-discovery. The story is, by now, well known; how in 2012 a project initiated by Philippa Langley and enacted by archaeologists from the University of Leicester in collaboration with Leicester City Council and the Richard III Society managed to achieve the unachievable and re-discover the remains of one of England’s more notorious medieval monarchs, thought lost for the last 500 years. - Mathew Morris, archaeologist, Grey Friars dig

Public Website - Richard III in Leicester

Public website: The Search for Richard III

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Media Logistics note - Sunday 22 March

Procession route

Tomb designs

Information on reinterment

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Overview Information

Meet the Team

A burial fit for a King

Feature on the Discovery of King Richard III

Timeline of discovery - in images

Richard III: Being a part of history

The Science of the Search

Richard lll effect brings almost £60 million to city

Features by the Leicester Mercury (February 2013)


Key supporting information

Graphic artist Emma Vieceli's testimonial

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Background and History

Witnesses to history: quotes from key figures

Leicestershire, England’s heart

Archive material (previous press releases, features, images, video)

Discovery could potentially separate the man from the myth say University of Leicester experts

A Crusading Richard III?

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Feature by Mathew Morris

Press release- First academic paper on the Discovery of Richard III published

Second Grey Friars Dig

Lady in Lead found near Richard III's grave


Genetics and Genealogy

Press materials for the DNA and genealogical research

Plantagenet genealogy: the search for Richard III’s living relatives

Sequencing the genome of Richard III

Background Q&A

Ethical procedures


Osteology and Forensic Evidence

Most likely cause of King Richard III’s death identified

3D representation of Richard III’s spine

Richard III Scoliosis Lancet Paper



Media coverage

Praise for the Discovery of Richard III

Richard III press releases from other organisations

Uncovering the PR secrets of the King in the Car Park


The coffining of the mortal remains of King Richard III - March 2015

Statement on the Judicial Review, 13 March

Vice-Chancellor's statement


Photographs of the research team at work
General imagery of the scientific work
Facial reconstruction Photographs of the excavation and finds
DNA and genealogical work images Reinterment ceremony
Departure of Richard III's coffin

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Videos and image galleries

Watch the moment Mathew Morris first discovered King Richard III's remains:

Watch archaeologists open the lead coffin found buried just feet from the former grave of King Richard III

Watch as scientists identify potential killer blow:

Watch the University's announcement of the Discovery:

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