Latest space news at Leicester

Blog Entry University astronomer discovers Saturn’s famous hexagon may tower above the clouds
Stunning atmospheric vortex revealed at planet’s north pole in new study
Blog Entry Milestone reached for BepiColombo space mission
Science orbiters stacked together, one carrying space instrument developed at Leicester
Blog Entry Future astronauts experience exploring new worlds
Lanzarote stands in for an alien planet as Leicester scientist helps train ESA astronauts
Blog Entry Leicester Astronomers aid project to identify start of lunar month
Collaboration to determine start of Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar
Blog Entry Leicester's out the world research to be showcased at New Scientist Live
Leicester’s pioneering research explores the future of planet Earth and space science
Blog Entry Leicester experts feature in CNBC programme about future of space travel
Professor John Bridges and postgraduate researcher Steve MacLean feature in CNBC's 'The Edge: The Future of Living'
Blog Entry Measuring the temperature of our planet's land surfaces
Leicester leading on Land Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (LST CCI) to enhance climate monitoring processes over land
Blog Entry GHOST in the sky captures Greenhouse Gases
Leicester researchers help to map CO2 and methane across the UK
Blog Entry 'Ribbon’ wraps up mystery of Jupiter’s magnetic equator
New data from Jupiter observations is a gift to Leicester astronomers
Blog Entry Science Minister praises Leicester's leading position in space science - and pledges to visit University
Leicester West MP Liz Kendall highlights Leicester as ‘a world leader in space research and engineering’
Blog Entry The innovative technology that will explore planet Mercury in unprecedented detail
Leicester scientists to present out of this world research behind BepiColombo mission to Mercury at Farnborough Airshow on 20 July
Blog Entry Martian atmosphere behaves as one
Study led at Leicester finds sought-after link in Red Planet’s environment
Blog Entry East Midlands space industry to receive significant boost through major European research collaboration
The University of Leicester, LLEP and the National Space Centre have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the region of Piemonte in Italy
Blog Entry Scientists involved in discovery of origins of 'ghost particles' in space
Leicester researchers help to resolve a more than century-old riddle about what sends subatomic particles such as neutrinos and cosmic rays speeding through the universe
Blog Entry First confirmed neutron star merger re-appears from behind the Sun
Researcher teams from Leicester and Warwick wait over 100 days to observe phenomena
Blog Entry Transforming space exploration
Leicester is leading the development of novel small-scale nuclear power systems
Blog Entry How much comfort can you get from a chocolate bar?
Student study examines the link between cocoa content and mood-enhancing serotonin
Blog Entry University research supports project to reduce air pollution
EarthSense is working with Oxfordshire County Council and ‘connected vehicle’ company Tantalum to gain a better understanding of the impact of road traffic on dynamic air quality
Blog Entry Powering to new destinations in space
Space explorers seek alliances with power companies at international event co-organised by Leicester on 27-28 June
Blog Entry Voice in Space
Ceremony for Hawking provides link with Leicester

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