Dr John Sandford-Smith MBE (Doctor of Science)

Thursday 14 July, 3pm

John Sandford-Smith graduated with the degree of MB BChir from the University of Cambridge in 1961.  He obtained a Diploma in Ophthalmology in 1967 and undertook postgraduate training in ophthalmology as Registrar and Senior Registrar in Bristol in 1967-8 and 1972-4.  He worked for three years as Specialist Ophthalmologist and Surgeon in Christian Hospital, Quetta, Pakistan and for four years as Senior Lecturer/Consultant Ophthalmologist in the Ahmadu Bello, University Hospital, Kaduna in Nigeria.  From September 1979 to October 2000 he was employed as Consultant Ophthalmologist, at Leicester Royal Infirmary, and Honorary Clinical Tutor to the University of Leicester.  On his retirement in October 2000, he was appointed Emeritus Consultant, and since then he has been involved in practical medical work and postgraduate teaching in developing countries, sometimes in specifically training projects (in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, India, Bangladesh, Yemen, Burma, Ghana the Republic of Benin, and Sierra Leone), and sometimes in service delivery (with annual visits to Yemen, India, and Burma).  Most of these have related to improving practical surgical skills, in particular cataract surgery. In Leicester he has been involved in updating the two text books he has written for the developing world, and in developing with colleagues a multimedia training programme for the developing world and very low cost solar powered equipment which has recently been placed on the resource list of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.  He is a trustee of the Ulverscroft foundation and of Right to Sight, a recently founded International charity based in Ireland.

Press comment

“I am obviously delighted to be honoured in this way and very pleased to see that the University and hospital eye department has had significant influence in eye care especially in the developing countries of the world. The Ulverscroft Foundation, a local charity, supported our first academic chair and also promoted the books I wrote about eye care in hot climates.”

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