Judge Howard Morrison (Doctor of Laws)

Friday 18 July, 11am

Press comment

"I am honoured and delighted to be awarded an honorary LL.D from the University of Leicester. My first three years of secondary school were at Wyggeston Boys School in the early 1960s. Thereafter, I was a barrister in New Street Chambers in Leicester and have lived in Leicestershire since 1977. It has been a constant base even while working and living abroad. Both of my children were born in Leicestershire and educated at Leicester Grammar School. The family has a total of four degrees from the University of Leicester: my son has three and my wife has one. We are a committed Leicestershire family."


Born into a military family in Kent in 1949 and educated in Egypt, UK and Germany.

LL.B. London in 1974 and then called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1977. Married with one son and one daughter.

Practised at Bar from 1977 – 1986 on the Midland and Oxford Circuit.

1986 – 1988 Resident then Chief Magistrate of Fiji and Senior Magistrate for Tuvalu.

1988 awarded OBE

1989 – 1997 in practice as a criminal barrister from Kings Bench Walk in London.

Started international defence work in Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals in 1997 – 2004.

1993 appointed Assistant Recorder sitting in criminal, civil and family courts. Appointed Recorder in 1997.

2001 appointed Queen’s Counsel.

2004 appointed Circuit Judge.

2006 appointed Senior Judge of Sovereign Base Areas of Cyprus.

2007 awarded CBE

2008 appointed Master of the Bench of Gray’s Inn

2009 appointed Judge of Special Tribunal for Lebanon and permanent Judge of the UN Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia

2011 elected as UK Judge of International Criminal Court

Honorary Professor at University of Leicester and Senior Fellow of University of Cambridge’s Lauterpacht Centre for International Law

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