DNA Fingerprinting 25

The 25th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA fingerprinting

September 10, 2009, marks 25 years since Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys had his 'eureka moment' and the field of DNA genetic fingerprinting was born. Learn more about the history of his discovery and how the University is marking the 25th Anniversary by exploring the links below.

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Credit: Anita Corbin and John O'Grady, Copyright British Council 1989

Find out more about Professor Jeffreys

New interview with Sir Alec Jeffreys (2013, in Investigative Genetics)

Professor Mark Jobling on the story of DNA fingerprinting (in Investigative Genetics)

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys is awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Science by De Montfort University

Series of new articles on DNA fingerprinting in Investigative Genetics

DNA fingerprinting over 25 years

The 25th Anniversary, and the future

Interview with Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys (2009)

More interviews with Professor Jeffreys

Fingerprinting to the Future - 25th Anniversary brochure

Eureka Moments: The Golden Age of Genetics

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