Code of a Killer filmed on campus

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ITV drama to be filmed on campus
Code of a Killer filmed on campus

Alec Jeffreys

Scenes for a fictional drama based on the discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use in a murder enquiry will be filmed on campus this week.

On Thursday 30 and Friday 31 October, a film crew will be filming Code of a Killer on the University’s main campus. The two-part series retells the story of the investigation into the murders of two Leicestershire schoolgirls, Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth which was solved using Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys’s pioneering DNA fingerprinting technique.

The University of Leicester will be central to the drama’s storyline and scenes will be filmed mainly between entrances two and three surrounding the Adrian, Bennett and Physics and Astronomy buildings. If you see the film crew on campus, we ask you to please respect their space and not interfere with the filming.

The drama, which began filming last month, stars Doctor Who actor John Simm as Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys and Shameless actor David Threlfall as Detective David Baker, the Detective who approached Sir Alec in 1984 for help with the case.

“We are very pleased that the story surrounding Alec’s groundbreaking research is now being dramatised, with the Department of Genetics central to this story. We are all looking forward to watching the drama on ITV next year, and seeing our workplace in the limelight.”

Professor Julian Ketley, Head of the Department of Genetics

Using Sir Alec’s DNA identification technique, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, local man Colin Pitchfork was the first person to be convicted of murder using DNA fingerprinting after samples of 5,000 men were collected.

Both Sir Alec and David Baker have been involved in the drama which is being directed by Broadchurch’s James Strong and Dr Ed Hollox from the University’s Department of Genetics is the drama’s scientific advisor.

Code of a Killer will be a testament to the pioneering science of Sir Alec and how, with David Baker’s foresight and determination, it brought justice for two grieving families, changing the course of modern criminal investigation forever.”

Simon Heath, Executive Producer

Lorcan Cranitch, Robert Glenister and Siobhan Redmond also star in the drama will be aired on ITV next Spring.

If you have any further questions about the drama, please email


Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys discusses the 30th anniversary of his discovery of genetic fingerprinting at the University of Leicester.

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