Beagle 2 Mission to Mars

Information, multimedia and press releases on the The University of Leicester involvement with the Beagle 2 Mars Lander

News Items:

New - Press Release - 16 January 2015

Press Pack - 2004


Background information:

New - UK Space Agency Background Information - 16 January 2015

New - The Beagle 2 Team - 16 January 2015

Beagle 2 Special Feature - 2003

Media information November - 2003

Praise for the Mission by Lord Sainsbury (Science Minister) - 2003

Beagle-2 Mission Report and Lessons Learned documents produced by the University of Leicester

Watch edited highlights from the press briefing on 16 January via the Daily Telegraph website

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Link to Beagle 2 website

Link to UKSA website


Images available to download at:

Video Interview with Professor Mark Sims of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester:

Presentations by Professor Mark Sims, Professor of Astrobiology and Space Instrumentation, and Dr John Bridges, Reader in Planetary Science:

Introduction to Beagle 2

Interpretation of Images and Summary


Beagle 2 website

UKSA website

The Team

The University of Leicester Beagle 2 team: Front row, L–R: Dr Gillian Butcher, Dr Nick Nelms, Mr Derek Pullan, Professor George Fraser, Dr Mark Sims, Dr Ed Chester, Dr Mark Hannington, Mr Oliver Blake Back row: Mr Chris Bicknell, Mr John Dowson, Mrs Janet Bee, Mr Dean Talboys, Mr Nick Bauldrer, Mr Tony Crawford, Mrs Rosemary Danson, Mr Baden Favill, Mr John Holt, Mr Guy Peters, Mr Daniel Thompson, Mr Matt Sibson, Mr Duncan Ross Not pictured: Mr Barry Towell, Professor Alan Wells

Professor Colin Pillinger from the Open University who led the Beagle 2 project with inspirational enthusiasm died in May 2014. Others that provided major contributions to Beagle 2 were Professor George Fraser of the University of Leicester and Professor David Barnes of Aberystwyth University who also died in 2014.

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