John Bond.jpg

John Bond.jpg

Dr John Bond, Department of Criminology

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SIR Alec Jeffreys 1 600.jpg

SIR Alec Jeffreys 1 600.jpg

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, inventor of DNA fingerprinting

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Will 300.jpg

Will 300.jpg

Will Marshall. Credit: Planet

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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Eleanor Hartley, then Director of the Centre, with the Princess.

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Figure 1: From left to right: James Calver, Nathan Nyante and Keshava Yiengar in the Gas Dynamics Laboratory, in front of the Plint 1 supersonic wind tunnel.

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Figure 2: Schlieren photograph showing a V shaped shock system developing at the right edge of the aerofoil. Flow from right to left.

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