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In-depth features and articles looking at various aspects of university life in 2015



The three wise research projects – gold, frankincense and myrrh

Leicester research explores popular gifts during Christmas time






Century-old mince pie recipes reveal long-standing appetite for Christmas pastry

Historical recipes show festive baked good was highly regarded by Dickens, Pepys and pastrycooks alike





Don't try this at home! How to make fireworks 17th-century style

John Babington's Pyrotechnia, published in 1635, outlines how recreational fireworks used to be made...






Funny bones: macabre humour in the ‘Dance of Death’ sheds light on Victorian mortality

‘Death’s Doings’ in the University’s Special Collections shows images of Death as a character toying with the living in time for Halloween





Tackling racism: ‘I have a lot of hope for the next generation’

Lord Ouseley to deliver foundation lecture for launch of new centre for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at University of Leicester






Printing in Leicester

Dr John Hinks discusses the ups and downs of Leicester's printing press - from its first newspaper, the 'Leicester Journal', to the modern-day success of Leicester Print Workshop





The Science of Middle-earth

Scientific investigations by Natural Sciences students into Tolkien’s legendarium






Fascinating Collection of Rare Books on Display in the University of Leicester New Library Exhibition

Spotlight on the International Year of Light


Richard III reveal ceremony

Leicester Abbey and the missing remains of Cardinal Wolsey, right-hand man to Henry VIII

We may have identified the remains of Richard III, but many other famous figures remain lost to the tides of history…






A burial fit for a King

All eyes on Leicester and the University for the historic moment of the reinterment of King Richard III

hubble-earth 200.jpg

Celebrating 25 years of Hubble

On 24 April 1990, NASA launched one of the most ambitious experiments in the history of astronomy: the Hubble Space Telescope. Scientists in our Department of Physics and Astronomy now recount their involvement in the project and discuss its importance in understanding the universe.

Professor Jeff Hoffman feature: Rescuing and Repairing the Hubble Space Telescope

Professor Martin Barstow feature: Highs and Lows of the Hubble

International interest in Richard III - from India and beyond

Indian writer Rachna Bisht Rawat discusses how she has been following the story of Richard III during her travels


Revealing the secrets of the Lady in the Lead Coffin

University of Leicester team that led discovery of Richard III reveals new findings from dig at King’s burial site

John Simpson

Having the last word 25/02/2015

Former Oxford English Dictionary chief editor reflects on his time at the helm of the 20-volume set as he receives an honorary degree from the University of Leicester

Leicester graduate shortlisted for one of world's most prestigious sci-fi writing prizes 23/02/2015

Rod Duncan’s latest novel is in the running for the Philip K Dick Award



My Dear Bessie: A Love Story in Letters 20/02/2015

Emeritus Professor Bernard Barker on the book which documents his parents' unique love story during the second world war

Stuart Hamilton .jpg

"Just because an issue isn’t in the news doesn’t mean it has gone away" 19/02/2015

Dr Stuart Hamilton from the East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit recounts his experience investigating the torture and murder of 20,000 people in Syria at the hands of the Assad regime


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"Access to arts and culture is a basic human right" 10/02/2015

Michael Attenborough attended the launch event of a new gallery space in arts centre named after his late father

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