Performance Development Discussion (PDD) Forms

All colleagues must complete form A to support and record their PDD. 

Colleagues engaged in academic activity may wish to complete form B to supplement form A to help them record specific achievements and contributions in research, teaching, enterprise, engagement, leadership and citizenship. Form B is entirely optional (form B updated 16/06/2017 version 2.1).

 PDD Form A

PDD Form A revision May 2017 Version 2.0

 PDD Form B

PDD Form B revision June 2017 Version 2.1

If the PDD form you used in 2016 requires ‘unlocking’ to enable you to ‘copy and paste’ information from your 2016 PDD to your 2017 PDD e.g. last year’s objectives. Please click on the link for further information.

When completing the PDD Form A all colleagues may wish to refer to the:

When completing the PDD Form B all academic colleagues may wish to refer to:

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