Guidance on the skills required for participating in a PDD for both appraisers and appraisees

The following resources are available to help you develop the skills required to participate in your Performance Development Discussion whether you are an appraiser or an appraisee.

It includes:

  • How to set SMART objectives
  • Using the GROW model to help identify specific goals
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback


  1. PDD Developing Your Skills Handbook (pdf document pdf version)

A handbook that offers guidance on developing the skills required for the PDD. This handbook may be printed out for colleagues who do not have access to computers. 

  2.   Pearls of Wisdom (e-learning) -

This tailored E-learning Academy has many short videos that give guidance on a number of different skills for both appraisees and appraiser/managers. Each video is about four minutes long. 

Link to training: 
username: leiuni 
password: Password1

 3.   How are you doing? (video)

These ten minute videos outline skills and give guidance on how to conduct effective Performance Development Discussions. They provide examples for all colleagues and can be used as an aide memoire for all managers/appraisers as well as appraisees.


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