Future Leaders' Programme

Future Leaders' ProgrammeWho is the FLP programme for?

The programme is designed for senior leaders, Associate Professors and grade 9 in professional services.

Other senior colleagues who join the University, along with newly-appointed heads of department, may also benefit from attending.

What can I expect from the programme?

As part of the Future Leaders' Programme (FLP) we will define the variety of leadership roles in the University, both formal and informal (e.g. leading as a coach), what is non-negotiable in these and what is in the window of personal discretion. We want to help you define your strengths and motivations and then support you in deciding where these mesh best with the leadership options available.

Programme structure

FLP runs over six months and comprises workshops, three 1-1 coaching sessions and action learning sets, together with recommended reading and online learning via e-learning academy.

Module 1 The Leicester Leader
Module 2 Leading with diversity and the coaching leader
Module 3 Leading an effective team (including dealing with operational issues)
Module 4 Leading through change
Module 5 Courageous conversations
Module 6 My leadership journey and future development
Session 1 Personal development planning including MBTI feedback
Session 2 Team leadership - Hays Styles and Climate questionnaires
Session 3 Pulling it altogether and creating action and development plans

Alumni programme

FLP is followed by an alumni programme with optional modules, depending on your interests and needs.  These modules will run after the initial six month programme.  Modules may include:

  • Influencing skills
  • The curious leader
  • Problem-solving and decision-making for leaders
  • Leading in a global environment
  • Strategy thinking and scenario planning

How do I join FLP

The FLP programme is designed for Associate Professors and grade 9 in professional services.

Application is by nomination only. We expect the participants to attend all coaching sessions as well as the six workshops.


For more information about Future Leaders’ Programme, please contact:

Emma Lomas-Clarke
Organisational Development Consultant
T: 0116 373 6403
E: elc46@le.ac.uk

Michelle Pond
Senior Administrator
T: 0116 252 5118
E: mj41@le.ac.uk

Organisational Development
T: 0116 252 5021
E: orgdev@le.ac.uk

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