Information about mental health and wellbeing

Commencing a course at university is an exciting and challenging experience for anyone. There are many things to consider and many unknown factors that could cause anxiety, such as: Am I doing the right course? Where will I live? Will I make friends? How will I manage my finances?

For students who have experienced mental health difficulties such anxieties can seem daunting. Coping with the rigours of university whilst dealing with the reality of living with mental health issues can be extra challenging. It is therefore important that before you choose a university and commence your studies you consider the support and structures that will be in place to ensure that your time at university is a positive experience.

To help you with this process, this website attempts general answers to frequently asked questions. We would also encourage you to contact the university of your choice direct, and make further enquiries about services offered at that particular institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be someone who knows about mental health issues that I can talk to at university?

Will the university respond positively and sympathetically to mental health difficulties I may experience?

If I leave my home area to go to university, how will I continue to get medical support?

If I have a mental health difficulty, should I declare this when I apply to University?

If I disclose a history of mental health difficulties, will everybody at the University get to know about it?

What sort of support could I expect to find at university?

Am I entitled to financial support to pay for extra resources I may need?

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