What support is available?

Mental Wellbeing Support

The support can take many forms, including:

  • general advice and information about mental wellbeing and what help is available
  • talking through difficulties to see what might help
  • liaising with Departments and/or Halls on your behalf to have mental health issues taken into consideration and prevent build-up of problems
  • signposting to appropriate services and resources, including other university support services
  • helping you to access services by providing information, advocacy and support 
  • assisting you to liaise with specialist agencies 
  • support during and after hospital admission/ break from studies
  • opportunities to meet in facilitated groups to build confidence/ meet others with similar experiences.   
  • tips on self-care, online resources and lifestyle advice


This service operates in compliance with the University's Data Protection Code of practice and the Student Support Service's Confidentiality Policy. Through the promotion of mental health and well being within the University, it aims to ensure that students with mental health issues are treated with greater understanding.

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