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Mental wellbeing support for students

University can be an exciting experience - a time when you leave home, make new friends and study the subject of your choice in an academic environment.

For some, however, the reality is different. You may feel homesick, anxious about money and academic pressures, or just that you are not 'fitting in'. These feelings are common and normal, and most people find that they soon diminish as they settle in.

Occasionally, these feelings can become overwhelming and you become depressed, or develop other symptoms of mental ill health. If you feel like this, there is help and support available and we would welcome you contacting us.

This specialist service is here to help you manage your difficulties and to co-ordinate the range of support available, to lessen the impact these might have on your studies.

What support is available?

When should I look for support?

Is the service available to me?

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