Mental Wellbeing Service

Support for your mental wellbeing

The Mental Wellbeing Service offers advice and information to students about mental health and wellbeing. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your situation.

Everybody needs some help sometimes
"Everyone said University would be great, but, for me, it was torture. I felt miserably shy and alone, as if I was on one side of a glass wall and everyone else was on the other."
Mind Publications 2002

Information for Students
About Student Support (mental wellbeing)

Please contact the Mental Wellbeing Service if you have any questions or would like an appointment.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a same day response. If you require urgent help please contact emergency services. Alternatively, you can ask to book a same-day appointment with the doctor with whom you are registered.

The Victoria Park Health Centre number is 0116 215 1105

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