Flipped Classroom Teaching


Course description



This session is designed to provide an insight into flipped classroom teaching from a student and staff perspective. You will be provided with an opportunity to explore and evaluate flipped classroom teaching techniques and consider how Lecture Capture can be used as a key resource.


Unfortunately there are no further dates scheduled at present. 

When workshop dates are available they will be released and advertised here on the course description.

What can I expect to cover?

Flipped classroom teaching from the students’ perspective to explore and evaluate the following:

  • What is flipped classroom teaching?
  • How does it work?
  • Why is it significant?
  • How can it be used to enhance learning and teaching?
  • How do you motivate students to engage with pre-session tasks?
  • How do you teach the ‘unprepared student?’
  • What are the challenges and opportunities?
  • What are the implications for teaching and learning?
What will I get out of this session?  On completion of this session you will be able to:
  • Share with colleagues what you know about flipped classroom teaching and contextualised examples of how it might be applied
  • Evaluate your teaching and redesign elements that could be enhanced by a flipped classroom approach
Who is it for?

Anyone who teaches including: academic staff, professional services and postgraduate students.

Participant preparation needed?

One week before the session takes place you will be asked to do a short task.

Additional Information

This workshop contributes to continuing professional development aligned with the UK PSF.

UK PSF A4, A5, K4, V3.

What prior experience do I need?


Formally assessment



Matthew Mobbs & Nichola Gretton (Leicester Learning Institute)

Delegate places

Maximum 24 delegates 
Minimum 8 delegates

How to make
your reservation

Please complete the Online Booking Form submitting Organisational Development.  Booking Conditions apply.

Registration closes 48 hours prior to the event.


About the workshop content:

Contact Nichola Gretton (Leicester Learning Institute)
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About the workshop arrangements:
Contact Organisational Development email: orgdev@le.ac.uk / tel: (0116) 252-5680 / 252-5118 / 223-1257.

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