High Performance Computing at Leicester


Course description


An introduction to the High performance computing facilities at Leicester University.  The course provides both a general introduction to HPC and specific information about using the HPC facilities within the University.


Thursday, 22 August 2019 (1.00pm - 5.00pm)

What can I expect to cover?
  • An overview of the main architectural features of ALICE
  • How to access ALICE
  • How to manage your working environment
  • How to submit, monitor and manage jobs
  • An understanding of the job scheduling system
  • Information about troubleshooting and raising support requests
  • An understanding of best practice
Who is it for?

All researchers that intend to use the University’s central High Performance Computing facilities, particularly those that are unfamiliar with HPC and those that are new to the University

Participant preparation needed?

All attendees MUST have an account on ALICE prior to arriving at this course.  Details on registering are available on the following IT Services webpage - How to get an ALICE account

Attendees should note that there is at LEAST a three day lead time in creating an ALICE account, it is advisable to requests an account at least one week before the date of the course.

You need to print the ALICE Tutorial Exercises PDF and bring it with you to the course.

What prior experience do I need?

All attendees must be comfortable using Linux at the command-line; ideally they should be familiar with all of the material covered in the Linux Introduction course.

In particular users should be familiar with text editors (such as vi or emacs) and must be comfortable compiling and editing source code.

Is it formally assessed?

Not applicable.


Dr Jon Wakelin, Liam Gretton and Gary Gilchrist (IT Services)

Delegate places

Maximum 11 delegates
Minimum 5 delegates

How to make
your reservation

Please complete the Online Booking Form submitting to  Organisational Development.  Booking Conditions apply.

Registration closes 48 hours prior to the event.


About the workshop content:
Dr Jon Wakelin email jw292@le.ac.uk

About the workshop arrangements:
Contact Organisational Development email: orgdev@leicester.ac.uk / tel: (0116) 252 5680 / 252-5118 / 223-1257.

For Office Use Only

Course Code: SDCCT076

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