'How Are You Doing?' Skills for Effective Staff Reviews

A review meeting being conducted.
An example of a review meeting being conducted that could have been handled in a better way.
Video Training Resource

There are three video sections associated with this resource. The sections are: Introduction, Key Skills and Effective Reviews.

Video 1 - Introduction 

This introductory video shows five short scenes of what can go wrong during review meetings.

Video 2 - Key Skills 

This video describes and illustrates the key skills required to conduct an effective review meeting.

Video 3 - Effective Reviews 

Five scenes are shown which demonstrate reviewers’ skills being used effectively.

The characters in the video scenes are from different job roles within a typical university. The scenes can be accessed individually so that you can view those which you feel are most appropriate. However the skills demonstrated can be used when reviewing any team member.

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'How Are You Doing?'

Skills for Effective Staff Reviews is a training resource designed to develop effective skills for anybody who conducts staff reviews/appraisals. It includes a video and supporting materials for individual learners and group facilitators and has been produced at the University of Leicester - acknowledgement.

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This resource was funded by the Leadership Foundation as a Small Development Project.