Professor Derek Raine

Derek portrait 2014Route into Pedagogical research:

I do not believe that lecture courses are efficient ways of learning. (Even if they are apparently efficient ways of delivery, the supposed gain from live performance of a complete lecture course is illusory.) Fortunately I am not alone in this belief. Thus, I am interested in developing and implementing alternative approached including problem-based learning, research-based learning and flipped learning as well as blended approaches to delivery.

Impacts of carrying out pedagogical research:

Personal impacts of carrying out SoTL:

Some job satisfaction – I know our students were getting a better deal when I was retired a few years ago than when I started. I believe the income from teaching development projects played a part in my career progression and of course the development work led to my National Teaching Fellowship which may have played a role in promotion.

Impacts seen on students from carrying out SoTL:

All of the above. I can’t entirely replicate my Oxbridge experience, but we can offer as good an education even if some students complain about the workload.

Areas of interest for future projects:

Computer models of learning environments. The idea is to create an agent-based simulation based on the well-known Carroll model

Current Projects:

The impact of teaching-focussed appointments on teaching quality: This project, at a very preliminary stage, is proposed to follow on from investigations by CIS and (separately) the Physiological Society.

Spaced repetition: Currently a joint project with the Department of Physics at Leeds, this project aims to look at the use of spaced repletion software on conceptual understanding of physics.

Student Engagement: A project to look at the UKES survey in relation to Leicester students

Past Projects:

HESTEM Concepts in Physics (2011-12)
HEA BioSciences Centre (2011-12)
HEFCE IOP Stimulating Physics, Interdisciplinary Science programme (2006-11)
pCETL, Physics Innovations Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (2005-2010)
FDTL4 grant Problem-Based Learning in Physics and Astronomy (2002-2006)
DfEE projects Pundit(1998) and Phoenics (2002) Work placements in undergraduate programmes
LTSN Development Grants: Internet Journal (2000); Business skills (2001)

TEF projects:

Raine D J & Gretton S N, Drilling down into Student Engagement (builds upon previous work by Raine and Gretton called Student Engagement Survey)
Raine D J, Gretton, S N and Greenhill D, Sustainable Futures Online
Raine D J & Gretton S N Flipped Learning

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