Dr Marion Krauthaker

Marion for personal pageRoute into Pedagogical research:

I am a teaching-focused lecturer and following changes in institutional regulation a couple of years ago I am required to carry out pedagogic research

Impacts of carrying out pedagogical research:

Personal Impacts of carrying out SoTL:

Personal discovery of a new field that is hugely attractive but also professionally extremely useful for my teaching practice. These projects have led me to reflect a lot more on my practice and on my discipline and where it stands in the current HE context. I believe my projects could have more impact and enhance practices and teaching facilities in my School if there was a more structured way for teaching-focused lecturers to disseminate their research in-house.

Impacts seen on students from carrying out SoTL:

Enhancement of learning support and diversification of teaching methods making both class learning and beyond the class learning support a lot more attractive, adapted and efficient.

Areas of interest for future projects:

I am generally interested in looking at the concepts of global citizenship, intercultural awareness, internationalisation of the curriculum and diversity and equality, more particularly in the discipline of Modern Languages. I am also interested in research and projects focusing on language learning in and beyond the class, self-access language structure

Current Projects:

I have also received a College teaching development Fund to work on a project entitled ‘Integrating Lingtwins as Language Learning support in the Modern Languages programmes and Modern Languages Study Centre’. The work is carried out with a team of Teaching Fellows and the objective is to test and embed an online language platform into the language programmes and language centre in June/July 2017.

Past Projects:

Self-access language Centres in light of the current Higher Education context: values, challenges and opportunities presented at the International Conference on Second Language Pedagogies in Montreal, May 2017.

Pedagogical Needs and the Neoliberal Agenda: the Case of Self-Access Language Centres at the Age of the Corporate Reform of UK Higher Education, presentation at the Leicester Learning Institute’s ‘Discovering teaching Excellence at Leicester’ Conference, July 2017

A Reflection on Pedagogical Rationale in the Neoliberal University: The Case of Self-Access Language Centres, November 2017 issue of the Journal of Pedagogic Development

I am currently working on a project on diversity, interculturality and global citizenship in the Modern Language curriculum and in Modern Languages as a discipline. I received a research fellowship from the Moore Institute of Research (National University of Ireland Galway) to work on the initial stages of the project in May 2017. I was invited to present the early findings of this project during my research residency at the Moore, a paper entitled ‘Modern Languages and the Making of ‘Citizens of the World’: Recapturing the Values of a Discipline at Odds with Current Political and Educational Contexts’

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