Pedagogical Research

What is Pedagogical Research (PedR)?

Skelton (2005) states that there is a clear difference between PedR and Pedagogical Development (PedD); PedD is small scale, whereas PedR is large scale. This means that PedR has the potential to be carried out across multiple departments, and have statistically significant evidence to inform wide ranging changes.

Examples of projects carried out at the University of Leicester:

Support is given by the University of Leicester through multiple schemes including the Teaching Enhancement Project Fund. Examples of recent projects granted TEPF funding into Pedagogical Research are:

2015/16 Academic Year

Drilling down into student engagement -  Derek Raine and  Sarah Gretton

2016/17 Academic Year

Blended Learning: opportunities for enhancing student learning in the delivery of Master's level education for an international cohort - Richard Godfrey


Skelton, A. (2005). Understanding Teaching Excellence in Higher Education: Towards a Critical Approach (Key issues in higher education series). Routledge, p.160.

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