A lot of projects are concerned with the student journey from induction to graduation (and beyond). A valuable insight can be gained through "constructive alignment" (Biggs 1996). This means aligning assessments with desired learning outcomes (three essays in three hours is a limited life-skill), content (discipline and skills) with assessments (not random tricks of memory), student aspirations with content (they don't all want to join in your research into the role of double entry book-keeping in Marxist thought.)

Student Retention

Carrying out research into what makes students choose to stay and leave as well as supporting them to reduce the number of students who fail

Programme Satisfaction

Getting students to recognise the value of what they are getting

Widening Participation

Increasing the support available for students who would not usually be able to go to university and greater inclusion for students not on campus

Student Performance

Allowing all students to be able to increase their academic ability.



Biggs, J., 1996. Enhancing teaching through constructive alignment. Higher education, 32(3), pp.347-364.

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