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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning with examples of innovation through teaching enhancement and research projects.

Welcome to the Scholarship and Innovation microsite. Here you will find:

The contents of these pages provide examples of Research and Development work, ranging from Module to Programme level investigations in thematic areas. There are some selected Staff Journeys and Opportunities for Dissemination, as well as Links to Articles on SoTL and a Glossary to help you navigate the terrain of SoTL.

This website was made possible because of Teaching Enhancement Project Fund support in 2017. Please assist the Leicester Learning Institute to grow the content with descriptions and links to your pedagogic research and development outputs.

An introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Just as knowledge of the literature (what is already known) and current issues (what is next) underpin effective discipline research so too do these form the basis of effective teaching. This is the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) which we engage with not to spend more time on teaching and away from discipline research, but to make the time we do spend on teaching more effective.

Projects at the University of Leicester

"I would recommend carrying out research to anyone. It's not just naval gazing, it affects the teaching that we're doing, and the funds available to us make it easier to get involved."

This section contains projects undertaken at UoL to enhance the student experience. The section has been divided into themes depending on whether it relates to methods of engagement or outcomes for students. Click on the links in the table below to take you to the list of projects carried out in that area.

If you would like your project to be showcased on this website, please email the LLI to arrange this.

A diagram showing the subheadings of themes involved; Methods divides into Design, Technology and Community, and Engagement divides into Experience and Employability. As all themes are linked, research in one area can impact another

Design Experience
Technology Employability

Research and Development

Changes to the way we teach can range from minor tweaks to major research programmes, hence from Pedagogic Development to Pedagogic Research. Click on the links to find out more information, and recent examples of each which have been granted TEPF (Teaching Enhancement Project Fund) funding. Generally small scale development projects are funded under stream B of TEPF; larger research or research and development projects are funded under stream A. See the TEPF pages on the LLI website for more details on the funding available through this scheme.

Module to Programme

Changes to the way we teach can range from module level interventions to major curriculum transformations. Click here to find examples.

Staff Journeys

As well as benefits to students engagement with SoTL can bring benefits to staff ranging from simple job satisfaction to career progression. Click here for a list of people involved in SoTL, information of how they became involved, and the impact this has had on them personally.

The information on these pages has been volunteered by the members of staff concerned. Please tell us if you would like a page with your details. Having a presence here may be useful if you are looking for opportunities for joint projects.


If you have changed something in your teaching that has made a difference it is worth telling others about it. This may range from your department colleagues to international conferences. Here are some links to opportunities for dissemination.

Recipients of TEPF funding are required to submit short reports for publication. This does not prevent formal publication in academic journals. We are happy to add links to publications or conference proceedings as these become available. We are also keen to add information about any continuing impact of projects. Please email the LLI.

Links to articles on SoTL

There is now a large literature on SoTL; you don't have to read beyond your immediate concerns to make meaningful contributions to improving student learning, but you may find some background in theory helpful and even illuminating. Here are a few initial suggestions for anyone new to SoTL:

The Vanderbilt Center for Teaching's Guide to SoTL:

A Higher Education Academy study into SoTL:


The use of some "eduspeak" is not only inevitable in SoTL, but actually helpful once one knows the language. We've collected some terms here.

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