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These short videos will  introduce you to some key learning, teaching and assessment principles which will help you develop your practice and your Fellowship claim. A Talis reading list is also available below providing links to relevant articles and texts for you to dip into.


Introduction to Active Learning

In this short video, the term ‘active learning’ is explained with examples of strategies to show what it looks like if a lecturer adopts this type of approach. In the video the difference between transmissive strategies, such as lecturing, is explained, as well as an indication of the challenges of adopting an active learning approach.

> Watch the video Running time: 5 mins 37 secs Transcript


Key Principles of Assessment

This video introduces 5 key principles that can help you think about how effective assessments are, along with some ideas to help improve assessment design and delivery. These 5 principles are validity, fairness, authorship, transparency and authenticity. Some suggested reading and links to further resources related to assessment practice are also included.

> Watch the video Running time: 5 mins 34 secs Transcript


Thinking about Providing Effective Feedback

This video outlines some things to consider to help provide effective and useful feedback to students. It discusses several topics including the purpose and types of feedback including formative, summative, feedback and feed-forward, ways to develop student literacy so they better understand their feedback, ways to make feedback ‘useable’ and thinking about feedback as a dialogue between staff and student.

> Watch the video Running time: 5 mins 37 secs Transcript


How to Start Engaging with Educational Scholarship

For many, knowing how to begin engaging with educational scholarship can be quite daunting. If you’re not familiar with it, it can be difficult to know where to find and search for educational literature.  This short video will introduce you to relevant sources that will help you to begin engaging with the wider body of knowledge around teaching, learning and assessment practices.

> Watch the video Running time: 3 mins 6 secs Transcript


Developing your Claim

There is a skill to writing reflectively about your teaching practice. This short video provides an example of how to develop this form of writing which would be appropriate for an HEA Fellowship application.

> Watch the video Running time: 5 mins 34 secs Transcript


Talis Reading List

The Talis Reading List is provided to help you get started with engaging with the literature. Texts and journal articles have been put into learning and teaching themes. There is a wide selection for you to choose from. You are not expected to read all these resources! Access the ones that are most relevant for you.

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