How to Register and the Application Process

The process for registering your interest has changed.  As from October (2016) potential applicants will NOT complete an expression of interest form but instead are expected to attend an overview session for the PEERS Experiential Route scheme for gaining Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. The overview session covers:

  • An explanation about the UK Professional Standards Framework and how the various categories of Fellowships of the Higher Education Academy are aligned to it.
  • The requirements for each of the categories of Fellowship and how you apply through the University’s scheme.
  • Practical guidance on completing your application.

Book your place here.

**It is advisable to bring a hard or electronic copy of this HEA Guidance Document with you to the session.

Organising your time for submitting an application for the Friday 22nd November 2019 deadline

Step 1

Attend an overview session

From 19th September - 14th October

Book your place on the overview sessionThe last session for this submission call will take place on 14th October.

**If you have previously attended an overview session but it was more than 6 months ago, we would recommended attending another session as a refresher.

Step 2

Writing your application

a) Start writing your draft (including the CPD plan)

b) Get feedback on your draft


September to November





In addition, to the Talis Reading list, you can also access a selection of short videos to support you in thinking about your practice and writing your draft.  These can be found here.

Once you have a draft, you are advised to ask a colleague that already holds Fellowship to comment on your draft.  The LLI will be holding sessions for these colleagues.  (See Supporting Colleagues in Applying for HEA Fellowships)


Step 3

Collect your reference statements


More information about the references can be found on the PEERS home page. Please give your referees sufficient time to write these. They will need to see your completed application.

Please note that reference statements should be signed and on letterheads.

Step 4

Submit your application and reference statements

Deadline: Friday 22nd November by noon.

Submit your application and your two reference statements on the PEERS Submission Bb site (use Chrome not Internet Explorer).

Please note that it is the responsibility of applicants to submit their reference statements with their applications. Without the statements, applications cannot be considered.

N.B. Applications are checked for plagiarism so applicants must ensure that the work is their own.

The LLI will inform you of the outcome by email once all the University Accreditation Panels have met and outcomes have been verified by the External Examiner. Normally, you can expect to hear within six - eight weeks of the deadline date (**please note that this may be longer if a high volume of applications is received).

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