Teaching Enhancement Project Fund


The deadline for project applications for the 2019-20 academic year has passed.  The next deadline for the 2020-21 academic year will be announced in January 2020.

What is the Teaching Enhancement Project Fund?

The University, through the LLI, provides funding for teaching enhancement activities which are aligned to the Education Excellence Programme's key themes.

The fund has recently been revised so please read the information below carefully.

How much can I bid for?

The scheme provides funding of up to £5,000 for projects which develop new activities and strategies for learning, teaching and assessment within a department or college.  Projects could include:

  • Innovation in teaching and assessment practice.
  • The development of new and innovative teaching and learning resources.
  • Developing students' learning or transferable skills.
  • Engaging in small-scale research and evaluation projects relating to curriculum development.

What type of costs can the fund cover?

Funds can be used to cover:

  • Staff costs (e.g. the costs of teaching replacement, the extension of part-time contracts or the creation of new part-time contracts);
  • One-off production costs (e.g. filming, design and print work) and/or the purchase of essential course materials, books or software necessary to expedite the pedagogic activity (although applications for software alone will not be funded);
  • Travel and subsistence;
  • Staff development (including participation at events, visits and consultancy fees.

A pedagogic rationale should lead the proposal, rather than an administrative or financial one.

Funds cannot be used to cover:

  • Routine activity for teaching preparation or programme development (funds are not available to cover routine activity that is part of a staff member's core responsibilities);
  • Direct staff costs where staff are already full-time employees of the University other than 'buy-out' costs of replacement teaching or administrative support;
  • Equipment or computer purchases;
  • Developing entrepreneurial activities.

What is the timescale for projects?

Projects will be for the duration of one academic year.  Funds will be transferred for successful projects in August and project reports will be due at the end of July in the following year.

What will be required of project leaders?

Project leaders will be required to attend up to three workshops during the course of their project activities.  These workshops will allow project leaders to meet and gain support in developing evaluation plans and in addressing any challenges that may arise as projects progress.  More information about these workshops will be given to successful applicants when notified of the outcome.

At the end of the project, project leaders will be required to write a report and present their work at the University's annual learning and teaching conference.

What criteria will be used to judge applications?

Up to seven projects will be funded each year.  Each application will be scored against the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Department/College/University strategies.
  • Description of project, including relevant context, scope and scale.
  • Likelihood of achieving the project in the given timescale (12 months).
  • Involvement of students, taking into account project context, aims and intended outcomes.
  • Wider relevance and sustainability of project outcomes.
  • Potential to enhance the student learning experience, in particular developing their independence, knowledge, creativity or skills.

How can I make an application?

Applications are made via an online form and can be submitted at any time before the submission deadline. A blank Word version is available to help you draft your application before working through the online form.

Who can I contact for more information or to discuss my project proposal?

You are welcome to contact Dr Kerry Dobbins at any time.

Project reports - for current project leads

All projects must submit an end of project report. Please refer to the Report Guidelines when completing this form:

Project leaders are also encouraged to publish their work in the University's Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (JLTHE). Please refer to JLTHE's guidelines for these papers.

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