Application and Award Process

University Distinguished Teaching Fellowship are awarded each year in recognition of outstanding and inspiring contributions to teaching and curriculum innovation and development.

The awards are made on the recommendation of a panel appointed by the Student Experience Enhancement Group on behalf of the Academic Policy Committee and conferred at a degree ceremony.

Applicants for an award may be nominated by a member of staff, a student or be self-nominated. In all cases, the applicant must complete and submit the application form his/herself.

Information and application form

Case for a University Distinguished Teaching Fellowship

In the claim for a Fellowship, applicants should evidence individual excellence within the following criteria:

1. Individual excellence

Evidence of promoting and enhancing the student learning experience by:

  • arousing curiosity to stimulate and inspire learning
  • organising and presenting resources cogently and imaginatively
  • recognising and supporting diversity of student learning needs
  • drawing upon the results of relevant research, scholarship and professional practice, including from the established literature or your own evidence base

2. Raising the profile of excellence

Evidence of supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning in (and if appropriate beyond) the University of Leicester, through demonstrating impact and engagement beyond your immediate academic or professional role by:

  • contributing to the development of colleagues to promote student learning
  • contributing to departmental/college/institutional/national initiatives to facilitate student learning

3. Developing excellence

Commitment to your ongoing professional development with regard to teaching and learning (and/or learning support) by:

  • ongoing review and enhancement of individual practice, including professional development activities
  • evidence of improvements to the student learning experience resulting from engagement in review and enhancement of individual practice.