The SuperReading Programme


Ms Donna Melia, AccessAbility Centre


This presentation will inform conference delegates about, and provide an opportunity to experience a taste of, the SuperReading Programme. This provides a tool to increase the efficiency of reading speed, comprehension, and recall. It does this by introducing metacognitive strategies such as maintaining focus on reading material by tracking text with your finger, shortening line length, for example when reading from a computer screen and previewing reading material. The programme also requires a daily commitment, for the duration of the course, to practise eye hopping exercises that train our eyes to hop rather than glide over text. Leicester University's AccessAbility Centre hosted this programme for dyslexic students for 9 weeks during January – March 2014.

At the start of the course participants achieved an overall reading efficiency standardised score of 91 - better than 27% of the population. This overall figure disguised individual reading weaknesses, 4 of the 14 participants tested achieved standardised scores in the ‘below average’ range - in the bottom 16%. At the end of the course the overall mean standardised reading score achieved by the group was 133 – better than 98% of the population. There were no below average scores.

Feedback since the course has continued to be positive. Students report that using this new approach has allowed them to increase the amount of reading undertaken to support their research and revision activity. The course is not designed specifically for dyslexic individuals and therefore this teaching and learning tool is accessible to all.

Audience and Impact

We are all readers and in a university environment this is an essential and routine activity therefore everyone attending may find this session useful.

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