3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

Beyond the Placement: Where Next?

 'Employer Engagement: the myriad ways we interpret it, engage with it, challenge it and take it forward at Leicester'

Beyond the Placement: Where Next?

This year’s conference took place on Tuesday 30th June 2015 and explored how employability can be integrated more firmly into the curriculum structure at Leicester. A particular focus was on how to further enhance our students’ employability through a variety of learning, teaching and assessment approaches deriving from a greater coherence of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Within the increasingly globalised and competitive environment universities are rethinking and redesigning their curricula at both strategic and operational levels.

Key questions for Leicester:

  • How can we develop our curricula to provide an even more distinctive employability experience for our students?
  • How do we link teaching, learning, research and employability for mutual benefit within disciplines?
  • How far can learning technologies and social media contribute to developments in employability?
  • How does Leicester develop students’ capacities to act effectively in the world through the overlapping constructs of employability, capability and professionalism?

You can read the complete conference proceedings to find out about the varied presentations of fellow University of Leicester academic teaching staff.

Conference speakers

You can listen to our four conference speakers talking from four different perspectives of the conference topic: a researcher of work based learning, an academic responsible for embedding the transferable skills framework into curricula, an employer and a student.

Case studies

All the presentations from the conference have been grouped into the three clusters of the University of Leicester's Transferable Skills Framework: Interpersonal; Exploration and Implementation and Self-management (university log-in required to view framework). These 'case studies' may well ignite something for you to consider in your future curriculum or module design/redesign.

The Leicester Learning Institute and the Career Development Service have developed a Transferable Skills Framework checklist to support you embed transferable skills into your module or programme design/redesign.



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