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Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (JLTHE)

The online, open access Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education JLTHE is about Higher Education practice and contemporary thought. The journal was launched in 2018 with the aim of raising the profile of scholarship in educational practice, and to bring together learners and educators in an open, creative and collaborative publication.

Journals that focus on pedagogical research

Teaching in Higher EducationTeaching in Higher Education

Journal aim: ‘Teaching in Higher Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal that addresses the policies, practices and contexts of teaching, learning and curriculum in higher education in order to explore and clarify the intellectual and theoretical challenges they present. The journal is interdisciplinary in nature and aims to open up critical discussion and debate across subject areas by involving all those who share a commitment to the field of teaching.’



Studies in Higher EducationStudies in Higher Education

Journal aim: ‘Studies in Higher Education is a leading international journal publishing research-based articles dealing with higher education issues from either a disciplinary or multi-disciplinary perspective. Empirical, theoretical and conceptual articles of significant originality will be considered. The Journal welcomes contributions that seek to enhance understanding of higher education policy, institutional management and performance, teaching and learning, and the contribution of higher education to society and the economy. Comparative studies and analysis of inter-system and cross-national issues are also welcomed, as are those addressing global and international themes. The Journal will publish annually two special issues on topics of international significance to higher education.

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher EducationAssessment & Evaluation in Higher Education

Journal aim: ‘Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education is an established international peer-reviewed journal which publishes papers and reports on all aspects of assessment and evaluation within higher education. Its purpose is to advance understanding of assessment and evaluation practices and processes, particularly the contribution that these make to student learning and to course, staff and institutional development.’

Higher Education Research & DevelopmentHigher Education Research & Development

Journal aim: ‘Higher Education Research & Development informs and challenges researchers, teachers, administrators, policy-makers and others concerned with the past, present and future of higher education. The journal publishes scholarly articles that make a significant and original contribution to the theory, practice or research of higher education. We welcome empirical, theoretical, philosophical and historical articles and essays that address higher education in any of its dimensions. All articles must propose fresh critical insights into the area being addressed and be appropriately framed for an international audience.’

International Journal of Higher Education ResearchHigher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education Research

Journal aim: ‘Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education Research examines educational developments throughout the world in universities, polytechnics, colleges, and vocational and education institutions. It reports on developments in both public and private higher education sectors. Higher Education features contributions from leading scholars from different countries who tackle the problems of teachers as well as students, and of planners as well as administrators. It presents authoritative overview articles, comparative studies and analyses of particular problems or issues.’

Research in Higher EducationResearch in Higher Education

Journal aim: ‘Research in Higher Education publishes studies that examine issues pertaining to postsecondary education. The journal is open to studies using a wide range of methods, but has particular interest in studies that apply advanced quantitative research methods to issues in postsecondary education or address postsecondary education policy issues. Among the topics of interest to the journal are: access and retention; student success; equity; faculty issues; institutional productivity and assessment; postsecondary education governance; curriculum and instruction; state and federal higher education policy; and financing of postsecondary education.’


Other HE journals that publish pedagogical research


Discipline-specific journals

There are also many journals that focus upon teaching and learning within specific disciplines.  Use the following links to search for journals in your particular discipline:

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