Flexible and Distance Learning Forum

A meeting for all staff involved in, or looking to develop, distance learning. The DL Forum is a regular event occuring on the last Tuesday of each month, which aims to spread information and best practice across the DL community, and provide a hub for discussion and dissemination of key issues.

Typically, the events will feature a presentation from a DL department on an aspect of their work; details of a central service which provides support for DL departments; visiting speakers; and news of any projects or changes which may affect departments. They also provide a space for colleagues to discuss current issues with each other in an informal environment.

Resources from previous events (login required)

April 28th 2015

Apr 1st 2014 (MOOCs)

  • The Richard III MOOC - Presentation by Alex Moseley, Deirdre O'Sullivan and Matt Mobbs
  • The Forensic Science MOOC - Presentation by Nichola Hayes, Lisa Smith and David Hopkins
  • FutureLearn overview - Presentation by Matthew Shorter, Head of Content at FutureLearn

Feb 25th 2014

Jan 21st 2014

March 26th 2013

November 27th 2012

  • The ONE award: a new version of the Leicester Award which is perfectly suited to DL students.

April 24th 2012


December 6th 2011

November 1st 2011

  • Sunrise Project - Systems Thinking - Presentation by Susan Lapworth and Laura Freeman about the current Systems Thinking work going on with Archaeology.
  • DL Facebook Page - Creating a community of Distance Learners using Facebook by Tamara Vivian and Chris Rice.

September 20th 2011 - Resources

June 28th 2011 - Resources

May 31st 2011 - Resources

March 29th 2011 - Resources

January 25th 2011 - Resources

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