Teaching Resources

Below are some examples of the kinds of teaching resources we have developed in partnership with departments. The resources are designed to facilitate discussion and reflection among students on various academic practices and practical tasks. Engaging students in these types of activities can help make your teaching more effective and also help foster students' engagement with assessment and feedback.

Teaching resources to support students' writing

Below are a sample of the kinds of writing development exercises we have developed with academic departments. They can be adapted for use within your own discipline or, alternatively, we can work with you to create alternative subject-specific learning and teaching resources.

Teaching resources to support criticality

Although criticality is central to all disciplines in HE, its precise meaning and significance can vary enormously, depending on context. The resources here include exercises and activities to help students develop better understandings of what it means to be critical in different contexts.

Teaching resources to support group and collaborative working

Working in groups, both informally and more formally, can be both a beneficial and challenging experience for staff and students alike. The following resources are designed to help support group working in a variety of curricular settings.

If you would like to discuss ways of adapting these, or if you would like to arrange access to the full range of teaching resources we can provide, contact Steve Rooney (steve.rooney@le.ac.uk).

Supporting Student Learning Blackboard Resource Hub

In addition to the ideas above, we have a Supporting Student Learning Resource Hub, for activities particularly suited to Blackboard, where you can browse and copy resources over to your own course site.

To see what’s available, you can self-enrol by logging onto Blackboard, clicking on ‘Courses’ on the top right hand side, selecting Leicester Learning Institute, and enrolling on the LLIX001 Supporting Student Learning: Resource Hub course site. Further details are available here.

If you experience any problems accessing the Supporting Student Learning Resource Hub, contact Marta Ulanicka (marta.ulanicka@le.ac.uk) or Dr Alexandra Patel (alexandra.patel@le.ac.uk).


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