Enhance teaching materials

Learning technologies, when used appropriately, can help students access learning materials; view and engage with them in different ways; give them tools to discover, create and share; and help provide quick response and feedback times. Tools and methods can also help you as teachers to create, organise, distribute, share, gather and mark materials in new and engaging ways.

Orange bullet pointMake effective use of Blackboard

Blackboard is our Virtual Learning Environment, and is the technology most staff and students work with when learning and teaching. Find out how to use it more effectively.

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Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a simple way to turn your PowerPoint presentations into eLearning packages with a voiceover and interactive features.

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Record, edit and share audio

Record and edit audio, create podcasts.

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Screen capture

Record what's happening on the screen.

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Reflect (lecture capture)

Reflect is the University’s lecture capture system. It allows you to record a teaching session, and make the recording available for students to view online.

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Teaching and Learning with iPads

How to create learning materials for use on iPads.

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