Providing effective feedback to large cohorts: A MOOC Approach

Wednesday 6th February 1pm-2.30pm
Room 501 Ken Edwards building

Question: What will you be doing on Wednesday 6th February from 1pm-2.30pm?

a. Sitting in a cold dark office with a non-specific sense of impending doom

b. Watching daytime television eating slightly out of date confectionery

c. Attending a lively and engaging workshop about effective and time-saving ways of providing good quality feedback to large groups of students

Feedback: If you chose option (c), congratulations, you’ve made a good choice and demonstrated that you are keen to develop your academic practice. Option (c) provides a chance to  evaluate approaches to providing quality feedback to large cohorts based on our experience of working with over 190,000 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) learners over the past five years.

A University of Leicester MOOC has intakes averaging 6,000 learners per run. End of week formative assessments with quality feedback are one of the few techniques MOOC instructors can use to ensure student progression and retention, which is a challenge for free-of-charge courses.

Our MOOC average retention figure is 25% which is much higher than the global MOOC average, so we have confidence in the techniques and tools we will be showcasing for you to evaluate and determine how they could be applied to your modules.

Full agenda to follow.

Please let us know if you will be attending by filling in this short form.

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